What are Dahlia Breeze points?
1.Points can be used as cash or a discount on orders. Customers can earn points through various activities such as purchasing items, posting reviews, and giving feedback.
2.Points have a validity period corresponding to the way in which they are earned. For details, please go to Bottom right of page "Rewards".
3.All points must be obtained in accordance with the rules and Customer Conduct Code of our Terms & Conditions. Violators will have their points reset to zero and/or their account suspended.

How to Get Points?

1.Place an order:
Customers earn 5 points for every $1 spent

2.Celebrate a birthday:
200 points for completing action
Limit of 1 per year

200 points for completing action

4.Post Review:
Review with Words: 200 point
Review with Words+Pictures : 400 point
Review with Words+Video : 800 point

5. Sharing on social media platforms

Share on Facebook:100 Points

Like on Facebook: 50 Points

Follow on Instagram: 50 Points



1. When a customer requests a refund, the points earned from the corresponding order will be deducted from the account. Points can be deducted to a negative value. In this case, future points earned will offset the negative value first until the customer has a positive number of points.
2. Points will be added if you submit a review within one month of confirming receipt of the order in your account.
3. Points can be earned from website activities, such as monthly promotions, holiday promotions, activity sharing, etc. The quantities and the validity periods of these points are subject to the specific activity.
4. The points issued are based on the status of the generated order and the actual payment amount of the product.

How to Use Points?
1.Order discount:
Customers earn $1.00 off entire order for every 100 points redeemed
Customers can redeem up to a maximum of 6,000 points
2.More activities