Please carefully review our Shipping & Delivery Policy when purchasing our products. This policy will apply to any order you place with us.


We offer various shipping options. In some cases a third-party supplier may be managing our inventory and will be responsible for shipping your products.


We offer Standard shipping at the following rates:

Shipping Cost:

Standard Shipping Order Under $59.99:

Standard Delivery: $8.99
Standard Delivery of France, Germany,
and United Kingdom: $7.99

Standard Shipping Order Over $59.99: Free shipping

Processing Time:

It is the time elapsed between when the customer places the order and when the seller hands the order over to the delivery service.

Generally, your order may take up to 3-5 business days to process.


Transit Time:

7 - 15 Business Days Shipping From USA. At the same time, after the package is shipped, you will receive a notification email in your mailbox. The tracking number inside is to track the timely status of the package.


Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time(depending on your location)

All times and dates given for delivery of the products are given in good faith but are estimates only.See Details>>